How successful are campus job drives?

Campus interview process: Who doesn’t dream about a good job? a candidate eventually does hard work in their 12th standard to get a good university. And we search for the right college so that at last, we can get a good job placement. 

To get the campus selection, you not only need to grab a right college a candidate even need to have skills and have to check many factors. Some of the elements going to be discussed below:

How to crack campus placement

  • Know your eligibility
  • Study the past trends
  • Research about the company
  • Check your document
  • Dress up wisely
  • Don’t think about rejection.

Know your eligibility

Before going to any exam, you first need to know – are you eligible for that exam or not? Ant company first check the same thing before interviewing the candidates. Therefore, applying for companies blindly is just a waste of time and waste of energy too. Just check out the skills like

  • Qualification
  • Top skills
  • Characteristics
  • Key accomplishment

Which were in your and how it can help to crack the interview. This exercise will help you to know your strength, goals and area of interest.

Study the past trends

Research is always better to make progress. There was a history of many colleges related to some collective companies, which come every year for the selection. And if you do a little research, you will get to know which company is going to hire in bulk, which select some countable figure recruitment.

According to that, you can target which drive will be better for you. which you should aim. This will help you to make an opinion about the company. While searching, you will get knowledge about the company and its working methods too, which will be helpful in an interview.

Research about the companies

As discussed in the above paragraph. If you research about the company, you will have a fair idea about – it the company providing your space of interest. If yes, you will entirely focus on the interview and know you will be clear about your target of the company which you want to work.

What is campus recruitment

Otherwise, if you won’t research, you need to settle for something which you don’t want to or even don’t know how it’s going to work for you in future.

Check on documents

Collect the education and non-education certificate. And arrange them neatly so that while the interview checks your resume and all, they get a good impression of you. Make a xerox of the original copy so that at the last movement no need to get panic.

The online certificate also carries importance. The courses which you have done in free time also can be goes into the resume file.

Don’t think about rejection.

Rejection is the biggest fear. But this fear only pulls your confidence so drastically that while performing chances are there that you will get blank put. So focus on the preparation and rock the exam. As a result, it is not in your control. There’s no point of thinking about that too.

Below is the example of the placement of management.

Average placement

as per the National Institute Ranking Framework, the average placement of the 50 colleges in the last three years is 90 per cent. The below chart shows the placement average of 2018,2019 and 2020 of top 50 institutes, which keep on changing all the three years.

Colleges rank and its placement percentage 2020

Below are the placement statistics of the ten famous colleges with their placement percentage for MBA.

Hope the above tips help you to prepare well for the exam and you get your desire job.

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